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salam, i'll be continuing my 4th semester at this 4th of July. but, i'll off from KL at 1st July. why? because i'll go to my bro's house first. he'll send me to the campus at sunday later. mhm so, au revoir Kuala Lumpur. and will be high possibility that i wont go back to KL like before. they say, 4th semester will be so busy. we'll hold an event. its the highlight assignment. duhhh :( wondering what kind of event it will be?
as for my rship, me and aje are getting apart. we only text less then 15 texts. pathetic? yes, it is. i miss him. so much. i miss the old us. yeahhh, i don't know who screwed up first. i don't know what the heck is happening. we're just getting apart slowly. and i don't know how to spark our relationship back again. maybe, its the finishing i guess. for sure, i still love him so much. im just stay silent. not bring things up. just stay shut. go with the flow. what is concerning me is the fact that i'll be leaving next week. and that means, i wont have the chance to meet him. yeahhh, even when im here in kl, we meet very rare. what do i expect when i'll be away from KL like over 60km? yeah, what makes me even sad is aje seems like doesn't care. and he also didn't ask me to meet. i miss him.. feel like crying :'(

beby, aku rndu aje lah. mggu dpan dh nk alek perak. tp dia tknk jmpe aku pun. ktorang dh renggang. tk mcm dlu dh. dia dh tk kesah dh.. sedih nyeee. *sigh qtq sba lah qtq. bia lah dia. dia dh besar, bole pk. kalau dh dia camtu, kau nk wtpe.. tahan je lah. bia lah dia k qtq.. mgkin kau dh tk penting lg dlm hdup dia kn........... :')

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