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salam, yes the title is recently. haha i don't know why either. now im actually in my room, didn't take bath yet. kak niza and her family are here too. mama went to someone's wed ceremony. im supposed to go with her, but i refused last min. yeah, too lazy maybe. yes, now is the main point. i was like wondering am i supposed to post it or not. mhm i failed my license test. i mean both of them. grrr as for the parking, i was like over time. and the other one is because a slight mistake which i think is soooo retarded. yes, i face failure like once in a blue moon. so i felt so very dangggg slowwww retarded. duhhh enough for it. hell yes, i don't have much things to update. i feel so lazy lately. and i miss ejal. but i miss raja hafiz raja rosli MOREEE :(

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