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salam, hello beby. today i woke up at 9:++ a.m. i had nightmare? oh no, it wasn't like so nightmare. morningmare i guess? haha is there such word? what say u, beby? BHAHBAHAHA im not telling u what the morningmare was about, (or whatever crap they call it) because it was about aje. as i promise u beby, i wont talk about him much. maybe a lil tiny one would be forgiven. HHA yeahhh u have got to be freaking me if u ask me stop talking about him at all, AT ALL i repeat. (omg, now i think i started to talk about him actually) enough enough. HHA, related to the title, puasa nazar. okay actually i already bernazar that i'll be fasting like 1 day (only) haha. why its only for a day not 2 3 maybe? and why i bernazar? and why i want to talk about it? haha the answer for the 1st one is because i got a prob to fasting. haha why is that so qtq? as everyone aware, im tiny. u know like a real skinny one. my bml is underweight. and my weight doesn't agree with my height. grrr and for the 2nd quest is because i got the dean list like 3 rows in a time. yeah, i was like so grateful and that i want to thank Allah for blessing me this much. im so thankful u know.. i'm trying to get naib chancellor award which means i have to work hard and study smart every single second struggling in my semester. so i can benefit at the end. yeah my hard work somehow will advance me.
and here is paragraph why im writing here about puasa nazar. hha because i fail to fasting today. u know, its kinda like "wajib" which means i have no option but to fulfill my intention to fast. but, (there's a but here) i fail to hold myself from ate my "kue tiouw" breakfast just now. and what more, i didn't make my "niat" last night. i only think about it in the evening before. so, it means i do not need to fast. and therefore, today i'll eat until my stomach burst. BHAHA i mean it for real okay. so then tomorrow i'll feel less starving :)) haha funny me ain't it? okay, not let me tell u less or more about PUASA NAZAR.

is something u have to fulfill when u intent for it
is something that u do if u want your pray to be fulfilled
is a way to thank god when something good happened
the day(s) depends on u

okay these are the things i know about puasa nazar correct me if im wrong. thats all for now beby :) daaa

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