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salam, :) yes im soooo dayummmm happy. i've already upgrade my blog like :) bhahahaha. u know, i spent like hours to finish and to understand the coding. well, im not telling u that i have become the expert one here. but at least, i try to improve right? yeahhh its already 5:10. but i dont feel like sleeping. yesterday i sleep late either. i ym-ed with few friends and webbie-ed with them. mhm, i dont feel well actualy. i keep burping, and i know my tummy doesn't stay well. since i dont eat wisely yesterday. for one day, i only ate burger, mee hoon. i didn't eat rice at all :( i'm starving to be honest. *sigh

oh not to forget, last night around 9:++ pm i went out to buy new simcard. yeahhh i decided to broke my current simcard actually. but tell u what? When the leng chai was keyed in the data, suddenly had an error. said that i cant continue reg that number. as i've already reg-ed for youth club like 2x. one is my current one, the second one is at aje.

i actually decided to switch number because earlier, i made up my mind to go away from aje. i don't want to contact with him. and that i think its good if we take a break for a while maybe.. or forever, perhaps? yeahhh its a very die hard thing to do. u know what i mean *sigh me and aje was like fought. he did left me with few texts. but i just ignored them. i did cried yesterday. like daannnnnngggggg dumbass ! duhh pathetic. now i've come to a situation when i dont feel like updating my blog about me and aje. u know, people will get sick reading it. it has always been about aje before. im sory guys :( i know, im a lame blogger. but i cant pull myself from storying about him. u know, maybe it has twirl to be another hobby of mine, i guess. grrr im such a retarded, ain't it? okay beby, thats all..


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