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salam, today i think is quiet miserable i guess. i woke up at 9:++ a.m. again. and as usual i'll got 2 texts. one from aje and one from someone. aje reported me that he's off to work. and someone greets me morning.

not to mention, i'm fasting today. like i told u previously. i intended to fast if i got dean list again. so i do as i got it. im not that hungry. as i told u beby yesterday, i'll eat as much as i could. and i did. i ate k tiow as for breakfast. later i took rice. evening then, i ate rice again. and again, i ate. it was nasi lemak. i bought 3 nasi lemak when i gone out to post my application letter regarding the SSM scholarship award. for night, i ate chicken kebab and soup noodle which i bought at the night market. HHA yet, i still don't gain any fat. duhh *sigh

okay, the shocking part for today is, my pet sis (momo) told me that her boyfriend, was locked up in the police station :( i feel bad for her. she's fucking worried and is like wondering that she wants to go to her bf place. oh, not to forget. his boyf is actually my bf's younger brother. and momo texted aje, asked him about his brother. but aje said, he didn't care. duhh, as fyi, aje and kecik(his bro) never talk to each other. i had asked him about it, but he refused to answer. and he never allowed me from talking about his bro. they don't care for each other even they are living under the same roof. i wonder why? haha such a weird family right? and also, their sister also is one thing. hha she doesn't talk with her family. mayb its acceptable if she's not talking with aje or kecik. but also, her parents. duhhh weirder ! =.=' stop, enough about them. im sorry. im just storying.. :( okay back to topic. i don't really understand why kecik was locked up. from what i heard, he's like backing up his friend. yeah, thats all i know.

as for mine, aje asked for break up just now. idk, now he persuades me. like always, he regrets. he called me like hundred times. and left me texts. i only responded earlier. but now i just let them be. im fighting to fast now, hence i don't think about this much. i give it to the flow. i did drop tears... but maybe when i've fill my tommy with a bunch of food and feel weak less, i'll contact him back :) hha

and now is like 5:++ p.m. i do admit have ice cream at eyes :p nahhhh forget it qtq. byebye beby pelangii :p

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