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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !



salam. yeah, i got so many things in here, mind. yeah, i worry about my pal. im not so very sure why do i?? as i don't have any blood relations with her, neither i close to her. yes, i don't even had been with her. and i feel stupid for worrying about her this much. i mean, A-LOT ! i got migraine thinking about her. yeah, i care for ppl too much and it doesn't benefit me much. i also wonder why? and second is that, wht am i going to do this sun fr mama. ( mothers day ) as mentioned earlier, i wanted to bake her a sponge cake. yes, i will next week. but then, as usual i'll bought her present. but the issue is, idk wht stuff to buy for her. mhm -.- a bit lost here. *sigh~ and third is, tomorrow i'll meet aje. and thus, that means, tomorrow we'll celebrate our belated 1st year anniversary. unfortunately, i don't really know what to do, and how to do the what to do? HAHA my line itself does show how miserable i am now. *geeezz and how do i will react tomorrow? bhahaha i really don't know. yeahhh things don't go pretty much well.. fourth is, my P license. yeah, im not yet done with my license even it has reached up to 4 months now. i think it also has been expired which means, i need to renew it. trouble comes minutes by minutes. gahhh, mayb i'm the one who take things complicated, ain't it?

and about what will im going to do with my 2 months holidays? haihhhh, i don't find any different with being alone at hostel and being together here with family at home. its kinda the same lame thing right? when u struggle to find your path but somehow in the middle, u have zero idea in your head. what will u do then? perhaps head banging all day long? HAHA i'm stuck here. okay actually its already 2:42 a.m. here. of course i feel tired+sleepy. so then, may i leave beby? i'll write to u MORE ! till then, keep listen to me :) <3

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