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salam, i ain't so really sure why the title for this time entry has to be clumsy. yes, maybe because its kinda clumsy right now. im an aunty. HAHA my nieces and nephews call me acik or sometimes, cikka. gahhh, am i old? i don't have much things to do these days. well, next week, i'll be continuing my driving lessons. yeah... i'll be obtaining my P license with god will. . *geez

well, as for now, im fighting with aje again. HAHA lame right? we fighting everyday. and i don't give a care to it anymore. mhm, frankly speaking, i do. HAHA about my celebration day for our anniversary, i should say 'ntah'. okay, qtq cut it off. so, its already 3 days i guess im sulking. he text me every morning. but im just ignoring him. yeahhh, whattheheck is happening? yesterday maybe, i thought that im ready to leave him. mhmmmm, maybe i am. but today, i think im not. u know, i love him too much. u know what i mean. well, obviously i get envy with other couples. they look happy together. me? its otherwise.. my entries, most of them talked about aje. aje aje aje aje. *phftttt ! okay yesterday, wan video called me. and we talked. one more thing is, i texted with amy. and he asked me out yesterday. but i can't make it. because its already 10 something at night. not possible for me of course. so he said, lets do it today. mhm, well, im hoping less. HAHA and actually i hope, we couldn't make it today again. HAHA never i guess. and i also texted with fud. normal conversations we had. so, i started to cheating around. and i reckon aje not to do it also. HAHA ofcourse he can't !

okay im actually kinda like running out of idea. what to write here? mhm, zira is going to s.alam tomorrow. so maybe i'll follow her. now im at my room. alesya is keep bubbling -.-' well, i think thats all. sorry bcz i dont have so much stories to tell. write to u later..

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