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salam, yeah, related to the title, today is the first day. wooooooooooootwwwwwwwwwwwooooooot aw ! tkut lah oh. hish, hope i can go through it and do the best. not my best, but the best. *eceyhh qtq, cane kau nk wt the best? kau stdy pun ciput, online je lbih. alalalalala :( tkut. oh cool down cool down qtq. everything will be fine. i wonder wht is mama doing now? yeah, kinda missing him. haihhh bila kt ruma, mls nk dgar dia bebel. tp bila dia jaoh, rndu gila oh :( *duhhhhhhhhh. oh okay okay lets get back to the title. today is bel paper. and i can bring the dictionary to the exam hall. so fr sure it will definitely help me muchhhoooo muchhoooo moreeeeeeeeee. after all, we had extra clss yesterday. mhm, for today, i woke up at 9 am something, *kinda late :) tell u wht, every morning, before i wake up, i'll dream about some horror dream and thats make me wake up early. yeahhhhhhhhh many stories of it.
oh now, here is paragraph about aje. well aje didnt has credit. and he said he'll only topup his airtime on sun or mon, *sob sob sob. sangat sedih. till then, i'll be lonely. :( okay okay, tkpe, i'll go through my 2/3 days without him :) ahahaha well, im kinda excited to celeb my very 1st year anny with him. ofcourse it means alot to me. i've broken my personal record to stay with one guy for almost a year. well, normally, its only for 3 months, or even a day :)) *lameeeeee
hopefully, everything will be just fine and we'll have our next anny for the whole lifetime :)

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