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salam, omg ! i woke up at 7 a.m. and i just realized how stupid i am? have i gone insane?? omg ! lol lol lol ! LAUGH BURST OUT LOUD ! seriously, i laugh at myself. how wicked i am? for hurting my OWN self? i don't feel pain at that time, yeah.. seriously not so pain. but it did bled. HAHAHA*geez lame right? such a stupido ! omg, now that i have scar on my hand. OMG !

why and why im so stupid? fool and idiot all belong to me. HAHA so now, i was like embarrass to myself. seriously, no joking ! i was like an immature kid who lost her mind and now i feel regret. so regret for doing so. i acted like super dummy kid who think its the end of the day. nw that i've come to my sense and i promise myself not to do such things anymore. okay well, forgive me, im clueless at that time. i know i've done wrong to myself. god, please forgive me. i know its sinful. duhhh..... *sigh

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