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Salam, alohaaaa-hahaha and good morning. okay today i wokeup at 6a.m. i ran a lil bit late actually because i set the alarm at 5.45a.m. hahaha-haha i just ate maggy. OMG-GIEEE, okay, i know recently i have acted as an immature kid and taking things too complicated. i exaggerated things simple. i am too emotional. and acted like an idi-ot ! gahhh, things happen too much and i didn't know how to handle it. it was kinda outta control. and therefore has made me stress. and also that, later, i have learned from mistakes. what? as though its not normal for a person sometimes to be at time where she felt stupid and too depressed, right? oh and luckily now i was back to normal and learn a thing "everything has a way to come out"
so i was like dayuuuuu-mmmm ! as if a big punched on my face ! HAHA *wicked.

me and aje? oh we makeup, and he told me that he was like ignored be last time because he didn't want to disturb me as i have to give my fully 100% of concentration on my study since i now have a superrr-duperr big sem final exam. i was like so dummy to misunderstood. oh i wasn't ! aje is waaaaaaa-yyyy dumm-ier because he did that at the first place ! how come he had gone to such thought when he knows i will absolutely be an energyless mankind if i lost him??? stupid-ooo oh oh. once again i fall for RajaHafiz, the only king of my heart ! the best creature of god i've ever get after my family :)

oh not mention, im studying actually. so, may i?? iloveyou hunny pelangi ! :p

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