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salam, first of all, my apology beby for not writing to u such a long time.. -.- *geez, u knw, i wonder why i feel so lazy lately to update u. duhhh~ and yeah, just now, i just created my skype acc. well i first knew this skype thingy long time ago. but i knew it works great when i watched oprah's tv show. :) well, i dont have any friends yet. HAHA okay, back to the title (totally ran out), the exam due is just around the corner i know i have to get myself ready for it. i dont really confident if i could get in the dean list again like 2 back sems. *mhm, well im working on it. im quite excited because most of my bsnss mathx tests and quizzes, i got them full mark. HAHA seriously, im HAPPY, em quite confident i'll get A for bsnss mathx paper fr sure P:). and just a lil worry for my comp science paper, since the pass mark is 50 out of 100 at final paper. no matter how good yr carry mark is, bt its all depend on yr final paper alone. *duhhhh oh well fr the bel and ctu paper, im quite afraid too. because, dayyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm bel paper for this sem is kinda die hard one. *geeezzz wth. just hoping some miracle will happen. for ctu, most depend on logical. so, not much worries on that. mandarin and note taking, they haven't final paper, just a common test and i had gone through them. well fr bm, duhh quite worry though, its not like a sch subject okay. *duhhhh 10x complicated than sch one :( duhhhh i hope i will get through all these papers. and get a flying mark. *flying mark means, A :) and absolutely i go for A+. yeah, with god will, i'll get dean this sem either. hope so.. btw, thats all fr now. promise to update u later bebyyyyy. daaaaaaaaaaa

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