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salam, yes they are. aren't that obvious? its just that i didn't hear the cocks sound from chicken. ofcourse i don't and won't. where got chicks here. haha im telling u that, this morning, therefore, is just another average morning and i'll go through my day normally. but a lil slight diff, because aje is sulking. so what?? care no more, get used with that. HAHA i woke up at 7am. hang my laundry, studying, and now online while studying. (is there such thing?) HAHA whtsoever, well actually, today is nothing like average somehow. today is shasha's 17th brthday:) yahhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooo. i miss her dayuuummmmm. i wonder if she still need me? duhhh *talking about this knda of relationship, this recent i keep thinking about this girl, named cintashafiyana. yeahhh my old bestie. i miss her sooo mucchhhhooooooooooo and mooooooooorrrreeeeee ! i miss the old time back when we're still close. i miss the time when we shares story. miss the time when we hugs, miss the time when i kiss her on the chick. miss the time when we laughs, miss the time when we cries, miss the time when we talks. okay, shes married. i got it. but what the heck with the time when she's not? is she still want this friendship? why she never cll nor txt me? i dreamt of her last time. idk, maybe because i miss her too muchhhhooooo. is she still thinking of me? or even rmmbr those moments? *gahhhhhh so saddd. i want my yna back ! no matter what !!!!! *geeezzz, maybe she never think of me....

but i knw, in the end, she would never think of me. or even let the memories slides in her mind. i know she has a new life. and its not possible fr me to be her best friend forever. those memories, i keep here inside my heart. *forever cintakasihsayang :)

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