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Salam beby, today, early in the morning i woke up act a bit late. HAHA was like 7.00 a.m. someting. yeah act, i had a koko (netball) today. replacement for last thurs one. oh then we was like practicing shoot ball. aha, then we play game. so my post is GA (Goal Attack). yeah, i always play at that post. tell u what, i did shoot 9 goals from 10 which made my team won that game=10-0. aha :) yeah, apply my skills there. then about 10.00 o'clock, i got back to my hostel. and straight away off to sleep. HAHA :) oh well, not to mention, i miss home right now ! crappiest thing in my life is when i stuck here alone. duhhh, frankly speaking, im so fucking boring here. and well im participating KESUMA, and play futsal :) haha yes, as the say goes, "badan sihat, minda cergas" whatsoever :) beby, i'd better go offline right now. aje will scold me. :) oke gtg, bye sayanggg

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