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Okay, first of all, im at lab. presentation slideshows :p duhh, lame enough to wait for all group finish their presentation. haihhh oh okay *geez, actually i want to list all stuffs which are running out. here goes the lists ;

1) clean & clear toner

2) garnier facial

3) maybelline - ultra natural affinity foundation

4) facial cotton
5) pantene shampoo ( eceh, knp pulak aku letak rmbut org, budget aku punye camtu lak )
6) baby lotion
haihhh hundred buks and above:( and tell u what beby, next week i have dinner, so act, i want to grap a dress. but then, i found it like almost impossible to buy a dress here in perak. where got choice, ain't it?? duhhh fuck up !
yeah, siott lah. dh lah aku dh lma tk alek kl *duhhhh

siott je lah kn? grrrr, whats on earth to do when u stuck in perak, what more, sri iskandar is like so PEDALAMAN :( duhhh
*footer ; miss KUALA LUMPUR, myhometown

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