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Salam sayangg, aha :) today? oh today? yes, ofcourse today. *sigh__ nothing extraordinary happends today. oh beby, tell u what? i'm having a big fight with aje. aha, since yesterday i didn't update u, so i kinda sory aw beby. well, me and aje is fighting,* goshhhh omgieeee wth ! i'm fucking pissed off. duhhhh * this one is like lame enough, oh i'm really just fine if he wants to cntct with his fucking girl friends or whtever, but why does he has to lie to me? he really screws me up !
enought about him !
duhhh, so now, im kinda like so dayuuuummmmmmmmmmm busy with assignments and sorts. so i need less time to think about any other things ! loveyouMORE

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