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i don't know what craps to write here.
just out of idea.
well i just installed kaspersky 2010.
and i knew, i didn't online for long time ago.
and as usual, not much great things happen in my love's side.
like normal argues..
today earlier, we fought,
because i texted fud, one of my ex.
just wanted to ask him about my prob with my lappie.
because fud, i guess is comp expert.
i don't know whoelse i can ask instead of him.
i told aje, like always, being honest with him
and he's quite pissed of with me.
later, we were okay.
i need to format my lappie..
duhhh money again !
benci, i bought kaspersky just now at carrefour.
with mama. ofcourse she paid :)
i don't have much cash right now.
only had 6 rggt. haha gila miskin.
aje had offered me 100 bucks, but then, i refused.
duhh, i took very rare from him.
i don't want in future, he'll ungkit. ( u knoowww )
*sigh, earlier, aje had offered me 100, then dia hulur 50, and last skali, 10 bucks.
i refused either them :(
haha, it just not me..
well, no craps more. done beby.
for sure, aje is still my 1st candidate to be my husb :)
mwahmwahx beby


fatinahamir said...

syg, really hope someday we can meet. ily.

si comel said...

oh i miss you bebe :) i pun nk !