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too early to give him up <3

this morn, we fought.
he felt unsatisfied with the pict; me and nasyriq..
and he pissed off +_+..
yes, we always fight over small matter..
and he then asked me to go for any of my ex,
and was like duhhh, the reason is lame enough..
hoi b, if the only reason for me to let u go,
is because i fed up and give up with u.
not because my exes or anyone else..
b, why do u do still hesitating?
when u know, yr the only one i have..
when u know, yr the only reason im alive..
its my fault though..
yes, i did asked fr break last time..
but that doesn't mean i have someone,
and we broke up for like almost a week.
u cracked me b..
frankly speaking,
my mind can't stop wondered wht are u doing those days with a SINGLE status on u..
i counted the days making a hope that u'll realize how much i miss u..
my life had twirled harshly..
yes, u drove me nut...
im sory for making u worried and sad..
and for yr teardrops :(
i really wish i can wipe them away..
and i do know why are u hesitating on me now..
think that i might have another boy somehow,
no, i don't have any..
i have never been like this faithful to someone..
and yet, u still have thousand doubts on me.
*sigh, duhh why u didn't topup yr airtime yet??
i miss u bubu.. so much :(
iloveyou aje, and no matter where love takes me,
a part of me will always be with u..
eventhough in future, we might split off permanently,
i'll cherish every single moments we had together..
keep this in yr mind always b,
ayg tkkan syg orglaen mcmna ayg syg booyah..
u know u mean the whole world b..

footnote : i still need u

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