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OH MY GUCCI ! ahaha, copied from PISAU CUKUR.
*geeezzzzz, back to the topic.
yes i am. totally running out of money, time, and like almost everything !
i have not much cash left.
yeah, yesterday i bought seluar aladdin which ends up,
*sigh, and aje was sulking because i canceled our date this sun..
b, i dont have much cash left duhh.
sorry sorry like a real apology :((
and dayummmm how much i die hard to watch PISAU CUKUR lah.
hahaha immm :) one indian guy told me that :pp * immm
its like *lah in malay :p
oh god how i wish to marry aje :s
its like dying hard to marry him. andd, i miss him like every tik tok of the second :)
and, of course i feel regret bought ALADDIN thingy. T_T
yeah, i would go out for a date with aje this sun in return i guess :s
about this Wangsa Walk,
well, i heard that the place is big and many craps there.
i wish i could go there. but then, so unlucky to not own a car. +_+
and epul was like asking me to go there.
but ofcourse quite afraid to with him.
HELL NO, aje would mad at me then..
hell yes on the other way round to find out,
that thing goes quite wise i guess.
me and aje is like having a happy month after those dark moments :)
yeah, u know wht i mean beby.
shall i put him in my cupboard, so that i can see him for the entire days?
haha like so wicked missing him.
how i wish i can keep it this way :)
yes, everything at the same way, so we wont fight and will stay happy together,
till the day we married.
we promised to marry at my middle 20s.
how im dying hard to be his wife :pp
oh and yes, though it has been up to half a year,
i still have the nerves crack whenever im with him :))
and, idk seems like time is running fast,
so i don't have enough time to obtain license,
*sigh, duhh benci.
then, i'll be only obtaining L.
yeah, will get P next sem break.
haha, its fun then :p
and i miss my mates,
yeahhhh, all mates. i want to meet them.
especially, fafa, zety, yna, tieka and the rest.
i mean, all of them in one time. yes, like the way we used to be '.'
*geez, give me my belongings ! yes, everything that was mine !
footnote: beby, i miss you MORE !

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