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OMG, imissyou damn much lah lesbiee !
haha, yeah, this is is fara. and me
quite funny and unbelievable that i wore it today :p
yeah, i thought, i'll just hang at her house :)
plus, i were too lazy to dressing up,
nice what... :pp
and fafa also shocked when she first saw me..
we went to playground near my ex sch,
hang there, and SHREK :P ( if u know what i mean )
terbaek wookkk ! :pp
well, today me and aje were like okay.
earlier, we had fought,
then, were fine. :))
OH COUCH, see this,

these pictures were taken on last thurs
hehe, we went out, and watched jalang.
sumpah mnyesal, tk best gila cta tue duhh :(
tp its okay, as long as i dpt jmpe aje.
sumpah sayang diaa <33

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