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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


LIFE is ongoing.. <3

yes, related do the topic,
hell yes, i have learn that,
love requires a lot of patience,
to ensure that the relationship works fine and wise..
duhh, patience patience patience..
the hardest thing i could ever stand with..
recently, i met someone who actually influences much on my relationship.
yes beby, i broke up with aje last time.
at least i manage to hold my feelings for almost a week.
yes, it teaches me a lot beby pelangi,
again beby, her name is fatinah.
she story me loads of love values...
and i guess, maybe i'm less patience to compared with her.
i started to cherish all lesson i had.
and now, i will learn how to be a wise person.
dangggg, wise in everything seems IMPOSSIBLE right?
atleast i try fella.
and in case i i failed, doesn't mean i will continuously fail..
well, life is ongoing process... of course it is..
the bones are grow, but i think my fat doesn't grow,
or grow less than my bones do. HAHA, wicked..
lame enough, aje told me to gain more weight,
sayanggg, sangat susah nk gemuk lah.
yes, im getting skinny lah. benci SUMPAH !
duhh so much to writes beby...
yes, sory sayangg, i didn't update u for long time.
and u do know, tht yr is my best companion kn?
beby, now that i make it again with aje.
hoping that our relationship will lasts longer and works.
im done with changing my partner.
i have less time to search for other guy, except him..
well for me beby, though he has not so MANY special things..
duhh love is subjective where people these days don't really bother about the purity :)
hell yes, its a matter of material ONLY.
end of love, i guess ( maybe jap lg cta lagi kowt. HAHA )
oh beby, forgot to tell ya,
that i met yna, and zt last time. duhh sumpah rindu gla dorang.
we had went to KLCC bfre to the oldtown white coffee nearby.
seeing zt drives her car, mkes gila teruja nk obtain lisence kowt.
haha we laughed much like we did bfre in secondary school.
hell yes, many things happened as everyone started to put the distance.
i don't know somehow, how long this happy time ( i mean between us) will lasts?
and sumpah gila best beby ( talk about friend) to know that someone is there for me..
oh beby, someone popped out of my mind when talking about this.
YES, it capang.. duhh miss him though..
we're apart now.
and i miss how we used to be earlier..
oh forget him...
bact to the subject,
i met belle first, then fatinah..
they are my friends at myspace..
i like them, yes, they are supportive though we never meet each other.
and i wonder how to has such chemistry between us??
whatever, we seem to click the moment right after we know each other..
T_T sha texted me last sunday..
but then, i late replied her, bcz i off phoned at first.
i wonder why then she didn't reply me?
i miss her so bad..
like how we used to be before...
sha, akk rndu dede beby !!!!!!
and how i miss her more when i'm sad..
beby, bnyk yg beby tktaw pasal akk now.
and akk pun dh tktaw bynk pasal adek.
last time, kitorang mcm nk work out blek.
but then, she disappeared in sudden.. so pathetic..
duhh end of it. i wonder why relationship didn't usually last long?
regardless of boyfriend ok. i mean friends, between 2 sisters, brothers (pet)..
yes, for me, tht knd of relationship is what count..
rather than boyfriend..
and beby, i guess i have so much to say,
like more than trillion words...
haha that i met RANJAN at ym..
sumpah lawak gila when he said im cheated.
hey, we just know each other, and we're friend only.
no more further feelings.
and tell u what, not much like sebesar zaharah pun tkd feeling kt kau weh?
HAHA, lol i know its wicked......................
yes, tomorrow is 2nd last paper.
and hoooraaaaayyyy ( SCREAM OUT LOUD ) for next week.
cuti beb, siapa tk suka?? haha, to end all notes,

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