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yes, this morning his mood is okay.
opposite from yesterday morn.. :)
i guess maybe because he viewed lovee album in my acc..
that blows a happiness wind to him..
and mama is like missing me, i think?
yes, i did phoned her.
but unreachable, yesterday.
so last night she texted me like 12 am something.. sounds like this,
mama: when u back.jst ask.
but i rep this morn because i slept quite early last night.
i replied : nxt week. i slept alrdy last nght. sory for the late rep
mama:wt dte.
me: dont knw yet. ths sun, abg emi will fetch me up. then i dnt knw till when i stay thre. dh sem break.

yeah, mama uses abbreviation all the time.
sometimes, i don't get her :p
HAHA, lol advance sgt kowt. +_+
haha, cant wait to go back home, anyhow :)
to obtain my license and to meet friends plus ofcourse my beloved T_T
*sigh, duhh feel lazy to revise and study.
i woke up quite early today. 7:++ something.
because aje texted me.
he sounds happy somehow.
and promise to call me.
meigadd, missyou sayang. and im running out of crdt.... :[
3days more left till INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION's paper.
hell yes, the only reason i feel lazy.
bcz its IPC, the tough one.
but my carry mark is quite okay.. :(
40.8 over 50.. yapp, lagi sket bole lulus.
but ofcourse, i want get A.
hope can get anugerah dekan again this sem.
to increase my CGPA.
oh beby, gtg lah, sket blkng i typing while meniarap..
haha, ketet pun sket, penyet sudah :)

footnote: thnx fr lighten my day :)

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