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like a real good morning to has :p
haha, its 10:39,
i woke up at 7:++ just now.
and had fought with aje && cried,
then we were okay.
i guess now, he is sulking again.
bcz i told him that i online. duhh
i didn't eat yet, and ofcourse starving.
today i guess i don't want to online so much..
bcz tomorrow got exam, and ofcourse i want to stdy..
i'm lazy, actually last night planned to wake earlier this morn.
like 5:30 actually to study..
im period now. again beby..
tersangat malu kwa exam hall hrtue, sbb bocor.
sumpah org nmpk kowt.
tktaw due i hrtue, cz slalu nye, next week. tba2 bole t'bocor pulak..
dh lah bnyk gila, tk bole lupa.
duhh hrtue, i menggatal dgn sywl gombak, kurt and fufu..
yea lah, sbb gila pathetic kn..
but seems like no feeling..
and how i realize that saya sangat cintakanRAJA HAFIZ,
that seems like blocked me from mesra dgn dorang..
duhh why u keep running in my head beby..
if yr not the one for me, then why does my heart tell its u.
and if yr not the one, then why does my head think of u?
beby, gila cinta dekat RAJA HAFIZ
i mcm nk bgtaw 1 dunia yang hati i hanya untuk RAJA HAFIZ.
yes, i nk kwen dgn ank raja :))

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