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hatred //

yeah, regarding to my title.
well it's a little awkward and annoyed,
to found out that the only cream i've been wearing for years,
suddenly has been dismissal.
tell u what,
this evening, im about to purchasing my cream face. (olay)
then i've been told by the shop assistant that they don't release the cream anymore.
i was like wtf??
yeah, i guess olay is the cheapest cream.
i don't have so much many to purchase on expensive stuffs.
im trying hard to not wasting money.
my family is not rich people who afford to buy such things.
haha well advantage for me.
time flows wickedly.
i don't really bother about anything else though.
since the final exam is just around the corner.
i'm now sitting on the pillows,
with my laptop on the sofa.
typing with my hands on my knees.
everyone is sleeping.
i can imagine myself sleeping dreaming about aje now.
haha im sleepy now. well, that's all for now.
i hope my one and only olay's cream will be release again.
soon because i bought 19.90 ringgit malaysia garnier's cream.
and i know somehow i can't afford to buy it regularly.
i really need my cream.
mama gave 70.00 ringgit just now.
the balance left only 15.00 ringgit something.
huhu sorry mummy.
for burdening u.

footnote: pulang kan olay aku !!!!

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