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related to the topic.
why do we always can not make decision for our own?
yeah, always her.
and pity another her.
everything will be under her control.
yeah, and another her and me will become the victim.
even the big her cannot make decision.
the big her said at first that, do not want to rely on her anymore.
and all in sudden the big her then said to another her,
to let her make decision for another her.
yes, life gets bored.
because of her.
me and another her dislike her.
because she tries to control everything.
why do she must bother about us??
its like, we do not have the right to anything.
she will take over everything.
even the big her ends up to follow her instruction.
i wonder why?
nahh, cant we have just a little space for ourselves?
neither me nor another her need your direction though !!!
stay away please.
do not conquer us !!!!!!

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ais said...

U kutuk i rite? its ok then, klu u rase u r so dat a big gal then decide ur own way onself.dont ever ask 4 my help / opinion. n im sooo sori if zira x satisfied wit de laptop. then go n buy ur onself k..thanks 4 letting me know.