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it has been so long i did not update u, beby.
hell yes, i feel lazy since recently.
loads of things happened/happen.
last sun, i had outing day with my classmates.
we rent 2 cars. went to ipoh and waterfall.
we had fun, for sure.
Thursday, i have 2 quizzes.
records management, and night, CTU.
tomorrow i don't have any classes.
yes, the only class tomorrow was canceled.
just now, ika called me told that.
meigaddd, ofcourse i'm happy. :)
every student here wishes for a day without class. :p
and what a shock, zira lost her lappie.
pity her, someone broke her rent house.
and stole her lappie.
and ofcourse, she lost all of her assignments.
no worries, i guess. idk.
abah seems to be caring.
so smile :) positive improvement T_T
pffhttt, i'm quite worried, somehow.
because here, have been many incidents occur laptop loss.
few days before, cops came down to hostel.
to check several rooms that have been broken in by thieves.
i'm afraid of these scenario.
why do they bother to steal students' laptop??
duhh, PATHETIC !
and this evening, i ran into J.
in lab.
and idk, lately, many people lost their belongings.
Pn. Dayang for eg, lost her pendrive. ika also lost it.
and me? i lost aje's ring.
luckily he didn't mad at me. :p
he'll buy the new one for me !
i guess they adopt my attitude. haha
care no more. bye beby.
actually i don't know what to write :)
haha, loveyou.

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