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what first love is?

Saigo no kisu wa tabako no flavor ga shita
Nigakute setsunai kaori

Ashita no imagoro ni wa
Anata wa doko ni irundarou
Dare wo omotterundarou

You are always gonna be my love
Itsuka darekato mata koi ni ochitemo
I'll remember to love you taught me how
You are always gonna be the one
Ima wa mada kanashii love song
Atarashi uta utaeru made

Tachidomaru jikan ga
Ugoki dasouto shiteru
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Wasureta kunai kotobakari

Ashita no imagoro niwa
Watashi wa kitto naiteru
Anatawo omotterundarou

You will always be inside my heart
Itsumo anata dake no basho ga aru kara
I hope that I have a place
in your heart too
Now and forever you are still the one
Ima wa mada kanashii love song
Atarashii uta utaeru made

You are always gonna be my love
Itsuka darekato mata koi ni ochitemo
I'll remember to love you taught me how
You are always gonna be the one
Mada kanashii love song
Now and forever

listened to first love song by utada hikaru..
huhu then my mind glanced.
about shahril who is my very 1st love.
now that hes way hottey.
so, im backoff.
i don't really bother about him, though.
but ofcourse sometime we commented each other through myspace.
but im quite inactive in myspacing.
to extent the title, i want to talk about my first true love.
yesterday, i ym-ing with kurt.
and he asked to view my webcam.
i had refused him at first, the i allowed.
well, i extent the "LOVE" to my current love.
me and aje fought.
but now im texting with his youngest sister.
hehe shes like blur.
doesn't really understand my typing.
even my typing is quite easy to understand since i didn't use weird words like others do.
my wording is like a BAKU one. i don't really abbreviate it
haha she is 13 y/o now. but i wonder why the way she types like primary school's standard?
nahhh, not to bother.
it doesn't matter for sure.
well, back to the title
shahril is someone who taught me what broken-heart is.
yeah, his face...JAMBU
and some said he is a SHE.
hehe whatsoever. me and shahril, our story is no longer exist.
new chapter...beby. :pp

here are some results i got from my surfing..
(the definition of first love)

Is it just the first person you really felt love for, the first person you really felt something for? That you really cared about?


The first person you felt love and all that, but slept with? I've heard it used both ways. I'm confused on what exactly it means.


Love can be defined as an all consuming emotion that compels a person to do whatever it takes to be with their person/object of love.

First Love is when you love someone so much but you don't know how to tell them.


first love usually starts very young and u think ur in love... usually between ages 14-19.... ur with a guy through highschool and u usually loose your virginity to him... because u " want to show him how much u love him and how much u really care" most of the time your first love endz.... but there are a few people that have love bondz so strong that they stay together for lyfe


If music be the food of love.. play on! -William Shakesphere - Romeo and Juliet.


first love is never about sleeping together its all about commitment and honesty,trustworthy and faithfulness that's what first love mean... but this is only what i think first love mean...


your first love is the person you think about constantly and smile; when you wake you wonder if they're still sleeping, when you go to sleep you ask yourself are they sleeping too. it's person who you want to spend the rest of your life with. it that intense crush that you just can't seem to shake. it's the first person you said "i love you" to and meant it even if the relationship didn't turn out well, at the time it was everything..

adapted from many sources via search engine....

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