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tiring day :p

I'm so tired right now :p
went out with aje today :)
today we fought early in the morning before.
he switched his phone off after we fought last night.
haha i asked for break off this morn.
idk, i'm supposed to bump into sha at klcc act.
then i told her that i'm not going out because aje canceled last min.
wth, aje then told me that he's at w.mju LRT.
duhhhh, what the bullshit was on his mine?
i took shower and got ready mcm kura2. (saja melambat kn masa)
served him right :p
we had went to jusco before to klcc.
ate sizzling.. still fighting :p
enough about the date. no further details because kniza views my blog ! :(
no more privacy.
well, i feel guilty towards shasha.
duhh, bersalah tk dpt nk blakon terserempak :(
i wonder if she angry with me?


niza cun said...

ooo..gaduh yek..suh la dia dtg umah jmpe mama & abah..biar ur parents tgok how good he is....huahuaahaa

si comel said...

hehe lalalala tk ready lg