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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


a term of FRIEND

related to the title, i am biased how to define a friend?
somehow, a true friend is someone who shares shoulder when the other is feeling either sad or down or terrible about things, events or especially towards people who are most significant in their life. apart from the negativeness, they also share the happiness or maybe excitements in their daily life. they would call each other for an hour, gossiping and do sort of stuffs together. they walk through life together, whether they live close or far apart. they know the other one is there.... to share the lows and highs andd everything else. their bond is unquestionable and unconditional.. no one can take place of a best friend, will always live in heart.. like family...
a true friend someone who sees you through the good times and the other way round. someone who puts thousand expressions on your face. either happy, sad, angry, excited, nervous andd loads more.

gratitude to: nur farah binti azhar, nur hasanah binti muhd zamry, nurul aida binti ahmad && nur hidayah binti abdul aziz
unforgotten soulmate: cintashafiyana binti abdul hail, nurul izzati binti kasmun, nur saadah, nur aiin rasyikin, raja faridatul haina binti raja harunsah, fatin athirah
and to the bestiee: nur hidayah binti muhd zamry, nazatul aznin binti ismail, nur ain farhanah, azalailyza && nurul atiqah binti muhd saubry

~ True Friend ~

A true friend is always there,
Maybe with uplifting prayer.
A dear friend thinks not of gain,
But what loss was caused by pain.

A true friend won't let you down,
No matter who comes around.
A real friend will come to aid,
When all others have betrayed.

A true friend believes their heart,
Conviction was from the start.
A special friend believes and trusts,
Offers help without a fuss.

A true friend so hard to find,
When it happens be so kind.
A gentle friend is so good,
Without words still understood.

A true friend sent from above,
That is you, I see the love.
A true friend you have in me,
Trust in God, you too will see.

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