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hari ini hari yang....

i could say, today is quite dull.
stuck in hostel alone. my calssmates are enjoying their outing day. i don't follow them. aje forbid me.
dayah? she went to Angsana to done her assignment.
im not shower yet. haha jangan cakapp. memang wangii duhhh <3 bengang gila, trying to connect PTAR.
but when it almost connected, internet explorer not responded =.= benci, yeah, link to PTAR can only be done via internet explorer. neither firefox nor netscape navigator nor google chrome.
im actually want to download last sem exam paper.
yeah, everything is online here. where got manual?
duhh.. so called up-to-date technology.
and its burdening the students in return.
last night mama texted me.
mama: salam, hw r u? i didn't reply, unfortunately.. :'(
YEAH, it has been a week since im sulking.
bhaha, i miss her though !
guess what beby, i made her a special greeting card for Eid.
using the microsoft publisher.
haha kinda funny.
and i made one to aje also.
he laughed when i first told him that i made him an Eid card.
so funny, because he totally biased :pp well the relationship goes well. ofcourse we do fight some times.
some times on top, the other times on bottom.
last day (0400909) he asked, "jap, semalam hari apa?"
i replied, "hari khamis"
booyah: "bpe hr bulan?"
me: "ntah."
booyah: "hurm, tkpe lah"
haha then i greeted him..
yeah, our 4th month together.
haha we was like missing each other badly.
dammitt ! best gila sebab he never forgets 3rd day every month.
andd now that he doesn't has airtime.
this morning i woke up.
and received text from him. "jai aq tlajak tito nie mcmane erk" then i was like huh?? so i didn't react at all.
and few minutes later, i texted him.
me: b boo
then he replied using stranger num.
booyah: ayg, b tate kadit taw, bwu bgon ek? relax2 dl. ily ayg cgt2. me: oke booyah !
mwahmwahx ily tetek ! haha addicted to his tetek :p nyummeyyy

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