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first day of Eid

beby, im not going write u where i went,
or even what i wore.
i'll tell u those at the end of Eid.
today, mama served rendang ayam, sambal udang-petai, kuah lodeh and KUAH KACANG.
and of course nasi impit. :)
in addition for that, abg emi brought lemang frm Taiping.
aje is celebrating his 1st day of Eid with his friend.
he didn't follow his family to his hometown.
haha like so near the place.
his grandies' house are around kl.
even his ibu's mum lives within the area. (belakang rumah sahaja)
but his family went to his abah's parents house.
at pantai dalam jeee.
today aje and i 3g-ing like all the time.
haha i miss him even more when i see his face.
well, to be truth, i never flatter him.
like he does to me.
he looks comel in his baju melayu.
meiiigadd, ilovehim duhh.
i let abah talked to him through 3g, and abah asked him to come home fr raya :)
bestt ! my cousies, aunties, sisters, and my bro also talked to him :p
lalala he celebrates raya with his friend this year.
so then he be must starving somehow..
unfortunately, he can't sends short message duhh.
so thats why we just phoned each other.
he refused to call maxis center.
idk, gedik kowt. so i have to wait till then..
boring, cannot text with him..
to extent my paragraph, i bought my kurung last minute, last night actually..
at carrefour, cost 200.00 after less.
im gonna use it for the dinner.
i actually plan to wear it at the dinner only.
the dinner at Teluk Batik Resort will be hold by OM's students (part 4).
haha not for raya..
hehe done for today.
update u later k :p
mwahmwahx beby pelangi :)
iloveyou even MORE

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