Notes for u:
Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !



this is definitely an opposite of PICTURESQUE.
yeah, all in full view - his big nose, his pimples + his worst attitude.
super annoying so-called girl in the class.
he's an octopus guy - haha so disgust me !
he thinks he's the hottest NYAH in the campus.
haha whereas, there are a bunch of NYAH who much beautiful than him.
he walks like his ankle is broke.
he can't talk nicely, because his voice is like BPAK RANDUK.
and he says that his boobs is big whereas, he only has a big belly.
he is so wicked and mean..
i dislike him for sure.
hell yes, his name is Haizan and prefer to be called Hazel.
WHAT THE HECK is in his mind.
he's just a kampung boy.
instead of acting like a kampung boy, he acts like a belakang chow-kit girl.
pondan tak semenggah !

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