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7 semptember, 2009

last night i slept at C216. for sure must be fun if still stay at C215.
watched SPONTAN. laugh out really loud.
maria called, said that she ran into aje at uptown, s.alam
then i texted aje. told him that.
after sahur, i gone back to C125, my current room for this semester.
stayed up, studied. perform Subuh and slept again.
at 9 something, dayah had called before she asked to open the door.
she forgot to bring her key.
then i fell asleep.
at 11 a.m., i had woke up and napped.
almost 1 p.m later, i woke up again.
and took shower, prayed, recited Quran and and texted aje.
anddd, studied again.
an hour later or less than an hour, he texted.
and now we fought. now is 5.29p.m.
i got to go for Bazar. bye bebypelangi =.=

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