Notes for u:
Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


the fast month <33

the month that gives advantage to do lotsa reward,
trying to avoid sin.
hoping my good deeds will reward me
recite quran, pray and pray :)
hoping my rewards are increasing.
duhhh may god bless me.
praying i will got another dekan for this semester
hoping my ambition to become a lecturer will comes true..
too pathetic, want that job so bad.
em dying.
but if in future, it ends up becomes something else, i am glad.
as long as it is a halal job..
aje is sleeping, nah, i hope he is napping only
because sleeping is makrukh,
but i know he is tired, he had worked..just now.
he is deadly wants me.
haha me either, i want him only.
he is the only guy on the surface who i want.
yeah, to end all notes, ilovehim.
that describe the whole thing...
i do not even know if that word is enough
indescribable to be exact.
unwritten.... hes my second heartbeat. <3 oh so wicked

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