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dh lamaa

hehe lma apa? tkd apa. lma tk update blog je
its fasting night now. idk nk sahur mcmna nant?
huhu if kt rumah neh, mst best. mama masak.
kt cneh???
heeee bosan je. dayah had went to Pusat Islam and now she went to ila's room
completing their assignment. wth? bapak bosan duhhh
just now babang text i. greet me ramadhan. haha
lawak dia ckp dia tgah dlm kete polis. fyi, dia act polis.
hee, tk sngka ex aku kja polis.
hahaha now tgah text dgn aje.
an issue here, kza does not like him
bcz his education level..........
supposed it to be an issue?
well, wht it takes act for a happy ending marriage?
i mcm agak sudah keliru jgk..
i know money is a matter nowaday.
so, i sendiri pun dilemma.
duhh, tp i memang really in love with aje.
act, idk wht cinta monyet is?
because now i think its diff than previous relationship.
u know, i never feel like marrying my exes.
but now, with aje i do feel like want to spend my whole life with him.
i tktaw whether hes the right one.
tp for sure i dah scan dia fr a year. and he is one of a kind. really diff
i wish i can marry him. and produce child with him.
huhhh. so bored. mama did'nt forbid me.
but kniza do. why? why?

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