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In the middle of tightness

My current mood is, halo=beyonce.

Its nothing but narrow.

Hell yes, that im coming back this frid.

And hells yes too, that im running out of money.

Too generous to give, hah yeah

Too generous to spend, also

No one is guilty but no one is innocent.

Because I do, somehow who should be blame.

Even I experienced this back year, still I didn’t well-managed,

Over spend or big spender is the suit term for now.

Im wearing sock now and also the short-hot pant.

Haha but the long sleeve of kesat is still on me.

Kak niza top-up my airtime. Rm20

Me and ika went to Bandar u this noon. She accompany me to buy kl’s ticket

Well as mentioned, the bus arrive in sri iskandar at 3

And arrive at kl sentral perhaps at 6.

Obviously im looking forward to meet aje.

Haha now we’re fighting. B, ayg sentiasa sayang b aw.

Of course, lately my boboy has become the major topic.

Gahhah, why do I create mess?

And why does he still hesitating on me?

At recent, I notice there are many good looking hot guys here.

Haha surprisingly, my appearance here is wayy too bad,

In my head is just to focus on aje. Flirting is not yet my desire.

Guess what, Im missing him so wicked. I love him so mean.

He does know. That hes my true addiction.

That I only think of him 25-hours a day.

What the heck? Wo ai ni. Ni she wo de pao pei, boboy !

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