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the fight-thing

Here, a paragraph about my social life. Well that im dating aje now. I am really happy that I had him. Once in a lifetime, I have finally found one of a kind like him. He really makes me happy. Last wedn we date and went to a movie, we watched jangan pandang belakang congkak. Hahahahha backthen, I just laughed loud out ! lololololol ! its so hilarious. I just cant stop laughing until the moment I feel something is coming out ! I want to pee ! haha then I laughed like hehe hhuhuhu. I can’t stand. Its too cold that my body just cant accept. Like freezing. Just before the movie we went karoeke 1st. hehe nothing lah. Hes nice guy. He didn’t do anything. He never hugs me or even kisses me. Hehe I want a French kiss lah sayangg ! well before I gone back to U. hehe gatal. Hope our love wont fade away b ! hes a really one of a kind until last night. We had a fight. And he gave up. He didn’t text me anymore. Huuhuu. I wait for him now ! b budo oh !

Cepat lah pujuk ayang ! uwaaaaa tkpe. I know he’ll afterward, perhaps. Haha.bye b. hehe oloveyoumore than anyone did. <33

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