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tears no more

gahh, it is tiring after 4days non-rest. i brought ika back home; KL. and we went for shop. like shopping gila !
and we even bought sweater for maria and mar also. we went to kroeke too.
with faez and his friend. gila 'hukum karma'. budget high pitch.
hehe so what, we released tension. and who care? screamo like no one is there..

HAHAHA. and, hello new day, new life and whatsoever !
i dh okay, and im not that so into him anymore. i dh tk pk kn dia,
and that obviously make me happy to feel this way.
i mean, i dh tk perlu tangisi broken heart i. yang i taw now, im heading foward and looking foward.
that is what matter more. so people, dont expect to see me down. hehe, thank god for the gut.
at last, the heartbroken has finally reflects the brightness of life.
and of course i wont look back, goodbye tears ! :p
hello everyone, im back ! <3

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