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the subject's briefing...

yeah, here more or less about them,

For keyboarding, i was rather happy sebab I managed to reach until 32 words not include the space in 40sec while the rest speed in average. I was in good position, fortunately. But I don’t really got it when it comes to make the report. I’ll try to catch up later.

For info skills, I was like hah? What the hell is he talking about?? Memang classmates I ada tidur during the class. En. Zul can u please teaches us efficiently?

For office admin, my group, and I have submitted ours report and hopefully we made it.

For intro to business, I my opinion is quite tough so I target ITB more and same goes to OAD.

For personality development, nothing is hard, because this course is likely grooming. So I just need to wear a pair of heels, nice dress, and touch up. I’ve used to it, so not mush worried for PD.

For BEL I okay, because it actually BI, I am happy since the lect teaches very good, even I taught room-mates I, I got flying mark too,

For CTU, okay too. Because it is agama, well bored actually, a few of us sleep nap
during the class. Whatever, not me

That’s all for the courses. I prefer more to PD, BEL, ITB, OAD and etceteras.

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